Perfect for groups of 5 - 25. We can provide a hands-on interactive session in which participants can create multi-textured loop compositions that can form the basis of a song structure or sound collage. 

 Take trip through 250 years of music technology from Edison’s Phonograph to the iPhone. This workshop engages participants with science experiments to explore the physics of sound and group singing to take us back to a time before recorded music. Aimed at KS2 groups but adaptable to all ages, great for intergenerational groups and nostalgia sessions for care homes and day centres.

Experience intensive interactions in sound, vision and touch. With 5 years experience in SEN our tutors can tailor workshops to you and your students needs. Whether encouraging simple choice or  experiencing the joy of music.

Experience what it takes to plan and produce a radio show and actually have it aired on, Birmingham's Alternative Radio Station. Create your own jingles, interviews and news segments, play your favourite songs and talk about the issues that matter to you.

If you want to get to grips with audio editing and mixing this one to one tutorial session will ensure you are acquainted with everything you need to know. From EQ and compression to sampling and sequencing. We can come to you and work with whatever equipment you're used to. First session half price. 


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