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"Brilliant! A great opportunity for the children to see both first-hand all the different ways sound has been recorded throughout history and to deepen their understanding of sound." 

“The Sound-time machine, was an engaging, well paced workshop greatly enjoyed by our holiday club of 4 - 10 year olds” 


Grace Diviney - Little Gems holiday club

"Very well organised...the session was very impressive with the interest of the children held throughout with practical demonstrations using the equipment provided”


Sue O’Connor - 

The workshop takes students on a journey through time to understand how music was first recorded and experienced.


Using original Phonographs, Record Players and Tape Decks pupils are taught about music and the science of sound through the ages.

The workshop meets many of the requirements for the Secondary Music Curriculum including composition, history of music, critical listening and appreciating live and recorded music.


For primary pupils, fun craft sessions are used to teach about amplification,  fascinating science experiments show how sound travels and what makes speakers work meeting the KS2 Science of Sound criteria


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